Analytics Turbo Support Services enable your organization and team to extract the maximum value from your data and help you improve your business processes and reduce your operating costs. 

Our Power BI Managed Services offering takes off your hands all the monitoring activities to check the current state of your environment and ensure the optimal performance of ETL jobs, databases, and reports.

Analytics Turbo aims for you to have optimal performance and the best possible experience with your Power BI Products. Not only do we provide assistance when an event occurs but also we create a proactive partnership based on a predictive support offering and ongoing maintenance activities to stay on top of your environment and help you maximize your investment in Power BI. 

We fully support and maintain your existing Power BI environment, ensuring industry best standards are applied. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a strategic support partner. Analytics Turbo Managed Services & Support Model includes the following areas to keep your environment running optimally:


ETL is the most critical support item in a BI ecosystem. Most failures are the result of a failed, incomplete, or slow ETL job.


We monitor critical database items and establish procedures to ensure the health of your database objects.


This is one of the most neglected areas and difficult to monitor by the business. We’ll resolve issues before you are even aware of them with a customized approach for data quality in critical areas.


Your reporting system is unique and has different requirements. We monitor processing time, server performance, and reporting availability.

Tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual

Analytics Turbo puts in place a detailed plan of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual activities to monitor and support your Power BI ecosystem.

How many hours a month is your team spending on maintenance tasks? 

Do they know what tasks are required to ensure performance and prevent issues from happening down the line?

There are many activities that BI Teams do not know they need until they need it! We will take care of it on your behalf.

Daily activities focus on Node Health and Task review, considering both live data and historical data.

Goal: Provide relevant information on node health and task performance related to running time and failures while identifying trends over time. 

Overall Benefits:
  • Increase system awareness
  • Increase stability
  • Improve reports and dashboard availability

Weekly activities focus on Security Rules, Threshold Monitoring, and License Allocation.

Data Connections | Metadata | Details of Usage

Goal: Identify performance triggers and fine-tune thresholds while following best practices and establishing standards.

Overall  Benefits:
  • Reduce reaction times
  • Decrease redundancy
  • Optimize concurrency
  • Anomaly detection
  • Optimization of data models
  • Load balancing visibility/validation
  • Reduce task failures
  • Increase consistency

Monthly activities focus on analyzing DAX queries for performance and efficiency, and identifying flags and trends to provide recommendations.

Data Connections | Security Rules | User Access | Licensing | Data Exports | Backups

Goal:  Audit the Power BI environment to take actions, recommend changes, and advise on performance and scalability. 

Overall Benefits
  • Enable auditing
  • Ensure Security
  • Increase focus
  • Increase performance
  • Increase analysis within Power BI
  • Decrease redundancy
  • Improves fault tolerance

Quarterly activities focus on overall maintenance to remove unused reports/dashboards while analyzing adoption based on telemetry.

User Adoption | Load Balancing | Capacity Plan

Goal:  Identify trends of usage to optimize workflows, carry on a cleanup process, create policies that lead to best practices, and recommend changes when necessary.

Overall  Benefits:
  • Improve adoption & focus
  • Increase stability
  • Decrease upgrade maintenance/time
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Simplify troubleshooting
  • Increase Data Consistency
  • Plan Disaster Recovery
  • Plan/Review Upgrade Strategy
  • Practice Recovery Processes
  • Review Architecture/Scale Plan
Overall Benefits:
  • Enable new feature / functions
  • Ensure readiness
  • Provide documentation
  • Increase architectural knowledge
  • Plan for future deployments

Findings and relevant information from monitoring and support tasks are displayed on your Analytics Turbo Dashboard. The Analytics Turbo Dashboard provides a consolidated view of trends, flags, and predefined metrics to keep you informed 24/7. 

Our team of product experts and our set of specific tools and processes allow us to provide the right level of support to cover all your needs. We offer the right expertise, at the right place, at the right time.