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We are the local team that facilitates Cloud Data Warehouse projects by starting small and simple.
  • Are you Struggling to find real examples of cost and feature comparisons for Cloud Data Warehouse alternatives?
  • Do you want to avoid costly miscalculations? 
Cloud is the most disruptive driver of a radically new data-architecture approach that has revolutionized the way organizations of all sizes establish common methods, practices and processes to manage, manipulate and share data in a repeatable manner.

Thinking of moving to a cloud data warehouse?

Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate and gain competitive advantage. Many organizations are now focused on cloud-first strategies as they turn their attention to advancing the use of cloud services across the business.

“If you have not developed a cloud-first strategy yet, you are likely falling behind your competitors.”  – Gartner

  • Overall cost reduction. Instead of a significant up-front cost, cloud providers offer low-cost commitment for entry level projects. In some cases, you can get huge cost savings for long-term storage.​
  • Simpler deployment options​
  • Easy access. Analysts can access the data from a variety of sources and run better analytics quickly by simply pointing their BI tools to the cloud data warehouse.
  • Scale up / down depending on business requirements / usage​
    • Storage​
    • Processing capabilities​
    • Databases​
    • VM
  • Simplified backup and restore options​
  • Proper test / dev environments​
    • Scale up / down as required​
    • Pause / resume environment as needed to reduced cost.​

We will jointly create a data strategy that establishes common methods, practices, and processes to manage, manipulate and share data across your organization in a repeatable manner. This strategy will provide the foundations for the transition to a cloud data architecture and a transition into a modern and scalable BI environment where data is used both effectively and efficiently by all.

Your data strategy will be built upon a holistic Data and System Integration review to understand your current state and propose a future state supported on a reference architecture and an implementation plan. This will result in a road map for aligning multiple data management initiatives (metadata, master data management, data governance, data migration, modernization, data integration, data quality, etc.) in such a way that they complement and build on one another to deliver greater benefits.

Key Areas to building your Data Strategy:

Your data strategy will consider not only data storage but also the way data is identified, accessed, shared, understood and used. Only at that point, data can support decision-making activities.


Our 3-step approach for a Cloud Data Warehouse Project will smooth the way for a quick and efficient transition to a cloud data architecture and a modern and scalable BI environment where data is used effectively and efficiently by all.

Step 1
Data Strategy + Cloud Data Warehouse Pilot

Step 2
Data Strategy Implementation

Step 3
Ongoing Ad-hoc Support

We help companies create and implement their data strategy based on their business needs and the cloud options that best suit them.

  • Current State Assessment  – Understanding the current maturity and environment
  • Business Goals and Strategy Analysis – Identifying business goals and objectives related to data
  • Master Data Management
  • Proposed Future State – architecture, capabilities, technology, and BI strategy.
  • Roadmap and Plan for Implementation – Costs, resourcing, and timelines
  • Cloud Data Warehouse Pilot for 1 or 2 topic areas  – Key component to get quick wins, executive buy-in, and assess future supportability
  • Cloud Data Warehouse Implementation   
  • Ongoing Ad-hoc Support

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Cloud Data Warehouse Alternatives

Based on your business needs, we will review and assess the best cloud options and prepare a proposed architecture considering reporting and data requirements, timeline, and costs. We will determine what components make best sense for your company based on complexity and business requirements.

If you’re thinking of moving to a Cloud Data Warehouse, our team will be happy to jump on a call to give you some advice and share with you how our 3-step approach can help you.

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