Power BI Connectors

Connect and unlock data insights with self-service analytics tools

Make use of our proprietary in-house developed connectors to pull out data from a variety of data sources.
If you are missing data sources when analyzing your data, you don’t have a complete picture of your business. Integrate all your data sources and have all the data available for analytics. 


Shopify stores and collects more data UNDERNEATH than what you can access through their portal.

Seamlessly access and consolidate data from Shopify with data from additional e-commerce platforms, paid advertising and marketing automation channels, and web analytics tools to quickly understand your shop’s sales and your customer buying behaviour. Bridge the gap between the data you need, and the dashboards you use without worrying about the implementation.


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Klaviyo provides ecommerce data from personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. Integrate Klaviyo data into your data warehouse or Power BI ecosystem directly without the hassle  of writing and maintaining ETL scripts. Seamlessly update all your reports with Klaviyo data and dashboards without lifting a finger.

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Analysis-ready data at your fingertips. Data integration couldn’t be easier with the  connector that pulls your Sailthru data into your Data Warehouse or Power BI ecosystem without the need of separate integration tools. This connector helps modern marketers at leading retail and media companies build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers by understanding the insights hidden in their data. 

Connect your ecosystem. Integrate AdRoll data into your Data Warehouse or Power BI environment to analyze shopper behavior, recommend popular products, and track revenue growth AdRoll supports popular ecommerce add-ons, email marketing and marketing automation platforms, customer data platforms (CDP), CRMs, reporting and tracking tools.

Load fata from Magento into your Data Warehouse or Power BI environment directly, and perform an in-depth analysis of your online store data. Pull online merchant data, shopping cart system information, content and functionality insights , and frictionless access your powerful marketing records. 


Easily load your Google Search Console data into your data warehouse or Power BI environment.  Enable marketing and SEO teams monitor and enhance your web presence in Google Search results by integrating Google Search Console into your analytics.  Integrate data from your marketing channels to better understand how your visitors and customers engage with your content.

Pull your Google Analytics data into your Data Warehouse or Power BI ecosystem. By integrating Google Analytics data you will be able to uncover data insights from visits, landing pages, and engagement trends. Let’s save time by automating data collection & consolidation.

Integrate your Google Ads data into your data warehouse or Power BI ecosystem. Google Ads, as an effective advertising platform to generate engagement and sales provides analytics friendly marketing data that you can now connect to. Enable  advertisement data and ad performance metrics to analyze conversion and results. 

Automatically sync your data so it’s ready to analyze when you are. Connect Facebook/Instagram/Twitter data to your data warehouse or Power BI ecosystem. Support your marketing and sales analysis with accurate insights from engagement and performance. 

Easily load your Bing Ads data into your Power BI ecosystem or your data warehouse. By integrating Bing Ads you will be able to work with ready-to-use analytics and get a holistic understanding of your marketing investments and performance. 

Salsify, as a Commerce Experience Management platform for digital shelf, powers the experiences shoppers demand at every stage of the buying journey, anywhere they opt to shop online. Load Salsify data into your Data Warehouse or Power BI environment to unlock your silos of product content management and digital assets management data to customize product pages and drive sales.


Unify ecommerce data streams and safely pull relevant data from online payment services and transactions. Whether you’re taking payments on your website or in-app, integrate your ecommerce data into your data warehouse or Power BI ecosystem. 

Load data from Concur and sync all the travel expenses information into your data warehouse to facilitate automation and analysis, get  greater visibility of your business, and support strategic endeavours across finance, operations, marketing, and customer success. 

Connect dun & bradstreet data to your Data Warehouse or Power BI ecosystem and start analyzing global finance operations and commercial data insights in minutes. Seamlessly update all your reports and dashboards without lifting a finger.

Seamlessly access to your bloomberg data, load it to your data warehouse, and analyze it with the visualization tool of your choice. Get consistent, analytics-ready data to understand the relationships between investments, market data, and trading platforms.

HR Management

Connect and combine data from Ceridian. Integrate HR, payroll, and workforce management  data into your Data Warehouse or Power BI environment to manage your entire employee lifecycle. Unlock your silos of data and deliver the comprehensive views of your business to generate new insights and data-driven actions.

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