One-Stop Solution for Power BI Users

Analytics Turbo helps companies ensure the sound performance of their Power BI solutions and unlock their maximum potential.  Whether you have Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium, ensuring that your BI solution is properly implemented, maintained, and managed is crucial to achieving the actionable insights that your business needs to succeed.  If you are looking for some guidance and support, why not partner with the best?

Power BI has proven to be one of the most powerful and reliable business intelligence tools in the market. 

It helps organizations of all sizes and industries transform their raw data into valuable insights. Thanks to its intuitive interface and its self-service capabilities, Power BI empowers technical and non-technical team members to be part of a data-driven culture.

Analytics Turbo enables your company to work better, accelerates the value from Power BI, and dramatically reduces support and maintenance efforts. 

We offer a comprehensive support plan, automated activities, monitoring tools, add-on features, and industry best practices to get the most out of your Power BI solutions.

Analytics Turbo is all about establishing and maintaining a stable and scalable Power BI business intelligence environment that meets reporting requirements based on the complexity of your use cases, now and in the future.

Analytics Turbo combines ongoing Power BI support and maintenance activities plus a proactive partnership based on a predictive support offering. This approach has proven to be the best formula for companies wanting to increase efficiency and savings.

Our Power BI Managed Services offering takes off your hands all the monitoring activities to check the current state of your environment and ensure the optimal performance of ETL jobs, databases, and reports.

Analytics Turbo unlocks the optimal performance of your environment and the best possible experience with your Power BI Products.

On top of the comprehensive support offering, Analytics Turbo has developed and selected a group of features and software to make Power BI more functional. Analytics Turbo adds an extra layer of functionality by providing access to extensions and connectors that could be a game-changer in Analytics Projects.

Agile On-Demand gives you the flexibility and ability to have at your disposal the best Agile team in North America at a preferential rate for any Business Intelligence & Analytics initiative when required. 

This is a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-scale strategy to grow your team. A team of data scientists, data engineers, BI developers, and data integration consultants  is a flexible, efficient, and low-risk solution to boost your Business Intelligence endeavours.

Proven expertise

We are a team of Microsoft Power BI service experts at your disposal.

Free access to add-on features

Let’s address your current and future needs of performance, particular use cases, and integration.

Agile On-Demand

Augment your capacity and bring specific expertise to your team with Agile On-Demand.

Analytics Turbo Tiers

With all the packages, you get Support Services and access to your Analytics Turbo Dashboard which provides a consolidated view of support and monitoring trends, flags, and predefined metrics to keep you informed 24/7.  On top of that, you get free access to add-on features that enrich your Power BI ecosystem depending on the tier you choose:


Analytics Turbo Basic
Analytics Turbo Standard
Analytics Turbo Premium
Agile On-Demand
Power BI Customer Portal
QVD to Power BI Connector
Workspace Backup
Write-Back Tool
Innovoco Machine Learning
Library of External Data Sources
AAS PRM Partition and Refresh Manager
OCR Connector